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P.L.A.Y With Us

For us the studio is about P.L.A.Y: Process, Leadership, Accountability & 'Yes, and...'

Process: being present with 'the work' and investing in the strategies that change us.
Leadership: seeking out new skills & ideas that move you practice forwards.
Accountability: using your practice discuss & address change. 
'Yes, and...' ; improvising to know more about who we are as individuals.

Group Dance
Image by Olivia Bauso
Dance Class

Professional Open Classes

Ramped are excited to be opening their morning classes to open to professional artists and those in vocational training. There are limited spaces offered on a first come first served basis.

Audition Notice

Ramped is looking for 2 Leeds/Yorkshire based dance artists who represent marginalised communities, and/or protected characteristics. The successful candidates will be employed to collaborate on the development of a new site-responsive production with choreographer Annie Hanauer and Phil Sanger, designer Andrew Walker and Composer Azizi Cole.

Community Open Classes

Watch this space for open community classes.

Join In: Arts Education
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