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Image by Ahmad Odeh



A fully RAMPed society: Responsible, Anti-Racist, Mutable & Proud.


DANCE: is our first mode of expression. We move, we sway, we live.

Movement aside, D.A.N.C.E for us is a mission towards:

Democratised Power: Working collaboratively towards common goals. Every voice in the system is important. 

Accountable Actions: Providing clarity around roles and supporting responsibility of choices and actions.

Neurodivergent leadership: New paradigms of best practice by those who have navigated a world that wasn’t designed for them.

Cultural Intersections: Understanding the importance of personal beliefs within a context of sharing ideas and learning from our peers. 

Equitable Excellence: Collapsing hierarchies of privilege. Excellence without equity is elitism, this limits accessibility.


Join us in the studio to PLAY. Process, learning, Activism, Yes and...

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